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Never Give Up Foundation Inc.
              Love God, Love People, Live It

Toll-free 24hr Suicide/Advice hotline: 1-877-812-4119
We here at the Foundation care about everybody and want to help all we can in Jesus Christ’s name. Let's face it, a lot of churches have gone to political and forgot about God.

Me and my leaders want to be like how God wants us to be. Christ is center and we all should look on what has happened. We have lost family values and our children have been getting awfully terrible per generation.

We need your help to fight Satan and to produce a Christian based society. We would like to help all that needs help and guide them in the right direction.

If you like what you see here, than become a member. We will be doing a lot of updates to site weekly. God Bless you and may Jesus Christ be with you.